All FC's are Tested and Shipped w/ BetaFlight 3.2.4.   Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

F3 processors

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    The OMNIBUS F3 V3. Special RTF only v3 with through hold unpoppable  USB + other improvements , Now lower price WITHOUT  Baro.,with OSD & LDO to be powered with direct lipo. The Omnibus Flight controller line has proven itself to be one of the most reliable, speed, and feature packed boards out today. Setting the standard by which all other flight controllers are done.  Leading with way with features like a powerful F3 processor, Betaflight OSD, current sensor, VBatt, 5v 1.5-3A BEC output, MicroSD Black Box, video output filter, and the ability to tune PIDs over video or transmitter, the list keep on growing. Now attempted been to be copied by others, that might not have all the knowledge / customized chips (OSD, 5v). RTFQuads  will always have the freshest & newest genuine OMNIBUS total flight controller line up.  A portion of the flight controller sales goes toward BetaFlights developers  to make sure the firmware keeps growing. Orders are sent with correct updated documentation papers included with the board, special reinforced Golden USB plug and Pin-headers in the bag. Beware of other shops claiming V3 or other ,make sure ours is a best available today,  always tested and flashed the the newest firmware.

    NOTE: OMNIBUS F3  header through-hole is connected to UART3,DSMX receiver is UART port

    • STM32 F303 MCU (Spi connected to Gyro)
    • MPU6000 (the 6 axis SPI Gyrometer + Accelerometer)
    • "Drag and Drop" OSD (configured over Betaflight UI)
    • D-shot Support
    • SBUS/PPM + DSMX Ports
    • 5v3a Clean Sbec /w On-Board Video Filter
    • Built-in Current Sensor voltage + rssi + buzzer as pins
    • Barometer (SPI Baro)
    • OSD Configation has been incl. in Betaflight GUI.
    • LIPO direct input (2-4S).
    • 30x30mm mounting holes w/ M3 holes
    • Low price
    This Flight controller is a  powerful F3 with a Switching power supply  small 30x30  hole size with 3M sized holes can take direct 3S-4S power-in. All pack with a low price

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