All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

30A Infantry _s "4IN1" ESC BLHELI_S-(MUILTSHOT)-(w/D-Shot Option)

30A Infantry _s "4IN1" ESC BLHELI_S-(MUILTSHOT)-(w/D-Shot Option)


Dshot Ready. No caps to remove. Super light & small 4in1 ESC, designed specifically for High current setups that need a 3Amp BEC. Utilizing the latest BLHeli-S firmware (16.x), hardware PWM generates a signal to boost smoother throttle response and reduce noise. With more punch than your sticks can handle,Fastest in class acceleration and braking gives you the fast response times you need on the track or in the air. They're well built and the placement and soldering on the SMD components is fantastic. Excellent filtering Packed with low ESR capacitors. super lower resistance FETS. All of the ESCs are Flashed with the newest Firmware. This allows for a neat install and allows you to mount the ESC in the middle of the frame instead of having to mount an ESC on each arm. We make sure all of our ESC's have Damped Light enabled and are perfectly calibrated with each other so there is no additional setup need! Small and lightweight this unit packs a mighty punch.

 Supports All the new digital signal: DSHOT, and analog signals: MULTISHOT, ONESHOT42, ONESHOT125.

Top quality MOSFET, ceramic capacitors. 4oz high TG PCB board, significantly improves heat dissipation and improves system efficiency.  Note: PCB color might be blue or black, depending  on the freshest batch available.  

  • Full Bl_Heli_s in Super Small Package 
  • BLHELI_S (J_H_90) firmware
  • 30Amp constant RMS. 35A max
  • Supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42, 32kHz (MultiShot) and D-Shot w/ option 
  • Main IC: EFM8BB21F16F, 50MHz with PWM gate drivers
  • MOS: ALL N FET, Switch very fast
  • Newest  BLHeli_S  Bootloader & firmware pre-flashed
  • Fastest throttle response, braking
  • Lowest minimum RPM
  • Full Hardward Pwm
  • 3-6s Lipo
  • 5v 3A BEC
  • Build in Current Sensor 
  • Two Dupont Cables included  

D-shot All 4in1 Speed controllers  have D-shot Capacitors removed and Firmware running by default. DShot is a new communication protocol between flight controller (FC) and ESC, substitute to Oneshot and Multishot. DShot stands for Digital Shot. Development of Dshot, a potential protocol replacement for Multishot, has some great potential. In order to make use of Dshot, you need to be running a boardand have it loaded firmware that supports DSHOT. Our Flip32 family (Flip32 Omnibus F4) boards have DSHOT compatibility,and  will handle up to 32Khz loop times. In addition to a ESC’s with Dshot enabled firmware, you’ll need to flash the Flight controller of the Betaflight 3., or make sure to select that option during purchase of the FC and ESC.

Always get the new BLHeliSuite here:  ;

BLHeli - Configurator ( chrome Plug-in ) - Works with Fc passthrought only -

Firmware here-

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Make sure to add the Silicone Modified Conformal Coating addition apply after testing and soldering. Protects electronics from moisture, corrosion, thermal shock, and static discharges.