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OSD - On Screen Display

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  1. $15.00
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  2. $19.00

    This component converts digital HDMI signal into analog video.
    It has been especially designed for cameras that have only an HDMI video output and allows you to connect your camera to an analog video transmitter. This is a real gain in terms of space and weight.

    The light flat HDMI cable is very flexible and light, making the installation very easy.

    Input port: 1 x HDMI
    Output format: PAL
    Dimensions (mm): 45 x 12 x 21mm (without the cable)
    Weight with the cable (approx): 15gr

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  3. $2.50

    Now in a mini designed for mini Quads!! In our testing this unit will save your camera and VTX in a system with active braking ESC, that can back-feed Spikes into the system. If you have room and we highly recommend the normal units for maximum protection.

    Base off the  " "L-C Power Filter-1.7A"  this filter will Clean up and dirty power supply. This is a compact and effective LC filter designed to clean a noisy DC power supply. Perfect for sensitive FPV- and RC-components in a single battery setup. The filter has properties to reduce the effects of interference radiated through the air and noise conducted via the power wires. One advantage of this filter is that both the negative and positive leads are filtered (common mode).

    Suitable for setups up to 16V and maximum 3A  load. Problems often occur on sensitive FPV video systems when long power leads (7cm+) are used, limited space for wiring, improperly filtered transmitters, noise from speed controller or switch mode DC-DC voltage converter, or most commonly a shared battery is used to minimize weight. The interference can result in video lines, banding, random drop-outs, and reduced transmission range. A low-pass LC-filter will help attenuation most of the high frequency power supply noise and interference.Do not be skeptical when looking at the price. This is a RTF special, and is guaranteed to work just as good as units 6x the price , tell all your friends this is the real deal!

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  4. $4.85

    This feature packed board has power distribution for your ESC in a resonable layout .Packed also with a LC,and 5V 12V bec output,power for OSD,camera,LC filter to avoid the noise. BOARD 2OZ COPPER

    Next version of the popular 12 & 5v PDB - this version also incorporates an lc filter and has osd Passthrough so you can easily connect up your FPV Gear

    User selectable Voltages for your camera and Vtx

    This tiny size PDB is packed with goodies. Built in 12V and 5V regulators is a great way to power up your electronics with enough current to power them all. Built in LC Filter can supply clean power to your video equipment for reliable picture. This 2oz copper layer PDB can handle large currents and can run on up to 6S battery power.


    BEC output: 5V/12V
    Input voltage: 2-6S
    Weight: 6g
    Max output current: 3A
    With LED indicators
    With LC filters
    Package included:

    1 x Power distribution board

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  5. $17.00

    This feature packed board has power distribution for your ESC in a reasonable layout .Packed also with a LC,and 5V 12V bec output,power for OSD,camera,LC filter to avoid the noise.

    Includes a full Minim OSD - you can use the popular MWOSD which in the latest beta includes support for betaflight or any of the other popular variants of the minim osf firmware.This also includes most of the features of the Power pro  including the LC filter, 12 & 5v bec.

    Can be run stand alone without a flight controller connection to provide battery voltage and powered up time - or combine with a gps for a stand alone option in a fixed wing.This has been pre bridged with the most popular voltage out options for camera and vtx but if you do need 5v rather than 12v to your camera or vtx it is easy adjusted.  Also like the PBD if you are running 3s you have the option of feeding the 12v output direct from the battery or through the regulator - most other boards don't give you that option.Easy solder pads for your esc's with the option to feed the esc wires up from underneath for a clean build.35x35mm with 30.5mm mounting holes so it is easily stack-able with your existing mini quad flight controller

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  6. $10.99


    Resolution: 700TVL
    Camera Dimensions: 32mm * 32mm * 29mm
    Illumination: 0.1LUX(F1.2)
    Format:PAL / NTSC
    Power supply range: 10-12V 100mA (2S-3S Lipo)
    Audio Lens: Wide-angle 2.1mm (About 120 degree)
    Image sensor:1/3 CMOS image sensor
    Sensitive area: 3.5964mm x 2.7084mm
    PAL ( H X V ):512X 582 NTSC ( H X V ):542 X 492
    Electronic Shutter: PAL= 1/50 - 1/100,000 S, NTSCL= 1/60 - 1/120,000S
    SNR ≥48dB (AGC OFF)
    Minimum illumination : 0.1 Lux / F1.2
    Composite video signal :1.0Vp-p 75Ω
    Standard Lens :2.1 mm
    Specifications PCB: 32mm*32mm
    Operating temperature :-10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ RH95% Max

    Package included:
    1 x 700TVL Wide Angle Lens Camera

    1x Camera Mount (as shown in picture)

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