All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

HT-450 Motor - House

HT-450 Motor - House
Replacement motor for the HT-450 RTF Quad

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Product Description

Witespy  Multicopter Motor -  20-28M


We have developed these NEW motors 220w motors specifically for multicopters with  20AWG silicon wires right from the core windings.  Multicopters control their flight by rapidly changing RPM every few milli-seconds - so the motor is light weight and uses a light weight prop and prop adapter.  These  Motors are  wound of copper packed in tight to give a kva of 1050kva.  This makes them work on 3S 12.4v using a 9/45 slow fly prop ; Or a 1045.   Importantly - We also specified The ultimate NMB™ bearings - USA for long lasting flight Ops (after many similar HK motos failed on us after a few short flights).

Custom  short shaft To fit all type of frames. Make anything Tri, quad to Y6, Y4,X8 possible

CCW and CW Bolt on style threaded prop adapter for a secure flight. never lose another propeller again! Fly with condifence!


  • True 220w motor made for our custom Multicopters
  • Superior windings,  1050kva 
  • Full 20AWG multicore wires
  • CCW and CW Bolt on style threaded prop adapter
  • The ultimate NMB™ bearings - USA
  • Light weight Bell -for super faster RPM changes
  • Designed for witespy engine mounts
  • reversible shaft - 2nd spare shaft 3.17mm
  • 5mm prop shaft (up to 12mm thick prop)  / 5mm nut
  • 16.5mm and 19mm mounting holes M3 bolts - 3.5mm bevel supplied
  • Motor X-Mount supplied for 33mm hole s- Co-axial Y6
  • Works at Low/Medium or High timing with almost any ESC
  • Motor Diameter: 28mm Motor Length: 28mm Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm Shaft Length: 14mm Weight: 43g Mounting Hole Size: M3.0, pitch 16mm M3.0, pitch 19mm Mounting Hole Depth: 3mm Max.
 Prop Data: 


Motor - payload test


  • This is not a toy - Multicopter motors form part of the aircraft flight system and become your duty of care when purchased
  • If a motor fails the Copter can fall from the sky and cause harm to person or property below - Always do a full pre-flight inspection on the motors
  • Schedule of maintenance you must perform includes : -
  1. Remove and add Blue Loctite® to the shaft grub screw
  2. Ensure the Circlip is set (crimped) correctly to hold the shaft in place
  3. Add 1 drop of SAE20-50 motor oil with a syringe needle to each bearing every 5 hours flight time - allow the oil to soak in ; wipe away excess oil
  4. Spin the motor - Magnetic cogging will slow and stop the motor which is normal - check for any wear or abnormal friction indicating a bearing failure. 
  5. Use high pressure air to clean any sand or dirt away from an engine after every flight
  6. Inspect the wires to ensure the insulation is in-tact
  7. Check that the collect (Prop-adapter) is tight and cannot be pulled off with 2kg force
  8. Use Blue Loctite® to mount the engine screws to the carbon engine holder
  9. Inspect the prop for any fatigue craks or white stress lines - immediately repalce any prop suspected of weakness - Routinely replace props every 10 flight hours.
  10. Shaft can be replaced using a 3mm punch - shaft can be reversed by removing the grub screw and using a bench vise
  11.  if the motor is observed to be showing some initial warning sign which is noted by the pilot but not considered to be a risk by the pilot - and he decided to continue flight ; this can cause subsequent engine failure and loss of your aircraft if it has less than six engines. Be aware -
    the most common causes of engine failure are
    • ingestion of FOD (foreign object damage) dirt, stones or debris which can enter the motor during take off and landing - causing trauma (cuts) to the windings or insulation of the windings
    • breakage of one or more of the internal lead-in stator winding wires by stress (pulling of the wires) - can be caused in handling or assembly
    • magnetic variation - demagnetising of one or more magnets by placing the magnets on or against other motors/magnets or in magnetic fields - tapping against metal objects of the can of the motor - this partial de-magnetisation can cause the ESC to overheat the engine because the timing cannot be accurately determined by the ESC. Thermal run-away results.
    • dry or inconsistent  connections/soldering between an ESC and a motor leading to timing faults - especially relevant for long wiring runs - USE solder paste
    So it's important to monitor the temps of all engines on the post-flight check, avoid operations where FOD is a risk and keep motors padded in transport.  It is also recommend to ground the aircraft and 100% locate the cause of any abnormal performance item.
  • NEVER fit the propellers to a motor until AFTER you have fully Tested and set-up the motor and YOU understand that electric motors can start suddenly without any warning.  With proper understanding and maintenance the motors are safe.
  • NEVER run a propeller without FIRST balancing it on a magnetic balancer
  • Do a staic and a dynamic balance of all props for best results

These motors are perfect for the witespy quad. Tons of power on 10 inch prop. NOW with ultimate NMB™ bearings - USA - Comes with prop mount, and all needed hardware. Replacement motor for the 450mm witespyquad . Motor Diameter: 28mm Motor Length: 28mm Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm Shaft Length: 14mm Weight: 43g Mounting Hole Size: M3.0, pitch 16mm M3.0, pitch 19mm Mounting Hole Depth: 3mm Max.


mwc hexa - payload