All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

Camera Control Addon board

Camera Control Addon board


Add Camera Control to ANY flight controller with an extra PWM (motor) output or extra timer, on some controllers a LED port can be used too. Just place inline with your camera wire. toss out that camera joystick and never have to look for it again. Easy to change from color to black and white mode to fly when the sun starts to set to in a couple more packs. Or change any other setting depending on if your in racing on grass, inside, or sun direction can  make a huge difference when you have direct access to the camera sensors settings.

This is a super small board that you add inline with the camera OSD pin and the PWM Flight controller board.  In the OSD you can enter into the CAMERA menu.,  This makes it super easy to change and settings (ex. black and white mode, ect) you will never know what your missing, until you need it.

1x Camera control PCB

1x Heat shrink, No wires included 


Enter CLI and type "resource"

To assigned the pin, you need to figure out what pin your installed on. For example, If you installed the camera control wire on MOTOR 5, Go to the line "resource MOTOR 5 XXX" and write down the letter and letter at the end of the line, this is your CPU pin number. 

disable that pin 

Type "resource MOTOR 5 none"  or replace "MOTOR 5" with what port you are working with. (like resource led_strip 1 none)

If you type  "resource" again you will see it is removed from the list.

now enable camera control .

type "resource CAMERA_CONTROL 1 XXX" replace XXX with the number you wrote down . in our example "resource CAMERA_CONTROL 1 A01"

type "resource" again to confirm check the "CAMERA_CONTROL 1" line

type save.


other things you can change if it is not working correctly for your camera. most camera work on defaults

camera_control_ref_voltage = 330

Allowed range: 200 - 400

camera_control_key_delay = 180

Allowed range: 100 - 500

camera_control_internal_resistance = 470

Allowed range: 10 - 1000

Video : (thank you RoscoFPV)

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