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    now shipping always the newest Asgard V5.1, has all the improvements . All V5.1 are Silicone conformal coating for the protection from the elements.   Better Current Protection. 5v Regulator Upgrade. Custom Hex pre installed. Silicone conformal coating Note for 2.3 users. XM+ on UART6. Use the OMNIBUSF4SD hex. Then  ASGARD users must explicitly change the pin mapping by executing the following CLI command. "resource inverter 6 c9" - then make sure to safe  F4, with Betaflight OSD, 150A PCB and 30-40A esc's all on a 12 layer board with 2oz copper. Mounting holes 30.5 x 30.5mm. Incl. OSD / SD Card / F4 FC / Current sensor / BEC. All Flight controllers are Silicone conformal coating for the protection.  

    All units flashed with stable BetaFlight 2.3.0. Take advantage of all the new features out of the box, Automatic Notch filter, turtle mode, Camera control, Increased motor output resolution, OSD improvements, and much , more

    Now Shipping V5.1! Asgard (F4 FC+ Bl-heli_S ESCs+OSD+SD+Current Sensor) The Flip32 OMNIBUS F4 AIO aka Asgard has 4 24amp BLheli_s speed controllers built-in!  We also packed a BetaFlight OSD, Powerful F4, Current Sensor , 5v 1.5a BEC. Just connect your camera and TX, then motors and Rx, and be ReadyToFly. With Free repair service, Build-in power distribution board with current sensor on board. 2-4 cell battery supported. The Omnibus Flight controller line has proven itself to be one of the most reliable,speed, and feature packed boards out today. Taking the features and setting the standard by which all other flight controllers are measured.  Leading with way with features like a powerful F3/F4 processor, Betaflight OSD, current sensor, VBatt, 5v 1.5A BEC output, MicroSD Black Box, video output filter, and the ability to tune PIDs over video or transmitter, the list keep on growing. Now attempted been to be copied by others, that might not have all the knowledge / customized chips (OSD, 5v). RTFQuads  will always have the freshest & newest genuine OMNIBUS total flight controller line up.  A portion of the flight controller sales goes toward BetaFlights developers  to make sure the firmware keeps growing, and adding more features. Orders are sent with correct updated documentation papers included with the board,only here we special reinforced Golden USB plug and Pin-headers in the bag. Beware of other shops claiming V3 or other ,make sure yours is a best available today,  always tested and flashed the the newest Betaflight firmware.For racing or freestyle we know you demand the ultimate level of precision and accuracy the Flip32 Omnibus FC will deliver. 

     Repair/replacement service is available if needed to get you back in the air asap. If you burn one ESC or the OSD or any other part, 90% of the time we can fix it with NO EXTRA FEE! . in worst case we are offering $45 no questions asked replacements for our customers. This covers electrical damage and fried esc’s if that should ever occur.  we are very experienced with these repairs, and most of the time can repair the Asgard with NO EXTRA FEE

    Only place were the board includes two S.H cables with the board to make the connections, a capacitor is includes with the board . it is HIGHLY RECOMMENCED to use a capacitor with this board at the input . It's a Flight Controller, PDB and Esc's all rolled into one nice little package! If space is at a premium or you are just looking to do a super clean build, then this is what you are looking for. The Asgard boasts an F4 processor and 24amp 4-in-1 esc that is compatible with the latest D-shot protocol to get that super smooth controller and crispy response.One of the awesome features about having an AIO FC is that you can tune your PIDs directly through your Transmitter via the built in OSD! Finally, no more massive flight control stacks! Using the latest Asgard ESC's combined into a simple board with the latest hardware you will get the cleanest of builds!

    What does Blheli-S 16.67 do? Means no more external beeper! just set the beeper and your motors will beep to find your quad instead of you needing to add more external parts. 

    FIRMWARE for MX and MX+  for software SBUS Inverter for XOR gates, this will be rolled into BF 3.2.0. this firmware is shipping with all new orders sent 


    • STM32 F405 MCU (Spi connected to Gyro)
    • Better Current Protection w/  5v Regulator Upgrade
    • BetaFlight 3.2 with BlheliS 16.67 RC-Commands 
    • Silicone conformal coating 
    • Custom Hex pre installed; Wires and Capacitor included
    • 4 - 24A Bl_heli_s Speed controllers 
    • MPU6000 (the 6 axis SPI Gyrometer + Accelerometer)
    • "Drag and Drop" OSD (configured over Betaflight UI)
    • D-shot Support
    • SBUS/PPM + DSMX Ports
    • 5v1.5a Clean Sbec /w On-Board Video Filter
    • Built-in Current Sensor voltage + rssi + buzzer as pins
    • Built in PBD
    • OSD Configation has been incl. in Betaflight GUI.
    • LIPO direct input (2-4S).
    • 30x30mm  w/ M3 holes\
    • comes with cables & capacitor needed for higher currents 
    • Target: Ominibus F4 SD

    This Flight controller with a powerful F4 AIO.  aka Asgard / Omnibus F4 AIO (24amp 4-in-1 ESC with Dshot + Flight Controller)

    FIRMWARE for MX and MX+  for software SBUSInverter, this will be rolled into BF 3.2.0 Inverted on Uart6


    1x FC+ESC + 2 S.H connection cables

    To install with the Power BACK and FETS UP. type in the CLI

    resource MOTOR 1 B00

    resource MOTOR 2 A03

    resource MOTOR 3 B01

    resource MOTOR 4 A02


    in the GUI - 

    Pitch = 180

    Yaw= 90

    24a esc, AIO, aio flight controller, airbot asgard, Airbot Asgard / Omnibus F4 AIO, Asgard, Dshot, dshot 600, omnibus aio, omnibus asgard aio, omnibus f4 aio, F4 aio, omnibus aio. Flip32 F4 Omnibus AIO

    If you would like to configure the board in a different orientation, you can learn more about Motor Remapping in BetaFlight here.  https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Remapping-Motors-with-Resource-Command-(3.1)

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