All FC's are Tested and Shipped w/ NEWEST BetaFlight 3.5.3 (NOV 18th)! Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

F7 processors

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    All credits to sambas - It is powered by ARM® Cortex-M7® 32-bit microcontroller (STM32F745), working @ 216Mhz frequency. F1,F3 are working on 72Mhz and F4 is working on 168Mhz clock speed. So it is faster than F4 and has 8 hardware UARTs for any of your needs. Betaflight has a release target for this board – AnyFC, so you will be able to flash the newest firmware straight after the release.

    • STM32F745VGT6 216MHz
    • MPU6000 SPI
    • 8 uarts available + VCP
    • 10 pwm outputs + 6 inputs
    • external I2C &SPI (shared with U4/5)
    • support for CAN
    • SD card logging (SPI)
    • 3 AD channels, one with 10k/1k divider, two with 1k series resistor
    • 35x35mm Normal Fc size
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    All Flight Controllers are  flashed and tested with the newest stable BetaFlight 3.2.1. Take advantage of all the new features, Automatic Notch filter, turtle mode, Camera control,DShot1200, Increased motor output resolution, OSD improvements, and much , more.

    The Flip32 OMNIBUS F7 V2 now with inertial damping gyro jacket. The case mass absorbs & resists by inertial damping the vibrations coming from the motors,props,frame, ect... -  The main function of IMU damping is so the gyro the cleanest data possible to have peak performance . also the added crash protection. The case is mounted by Gell tape and not hard mounted to the airframe in the same way a normal gyro is isolated. In our testing  this does work better then soft mounting the whole Flight Controller  

    • STM32 F745 MCU (Spi connected to Gyro)
    • MPU6000 (the 6 axis SPI Gyrometer + Accelerometer)
    • IMC268 (the 6 axis SPI Gyrometer + Accelerometer)
    • D-shot Support
    • Baro

    -  All new F7 CPU to join the OMNIBUS family - Omnibus F7 Flight Controller - Dual Gyro- Baro - BF OSD -microSD - Blackbox The OMNIBUS F7  - more info to come   IN STOCK IN USA NOW SHIPPING -The Flip32 OMNIBUS F7  -  All new F7 CPU to join the OMNIBUS family  

    All Flight controllers care flashed and tested with Betaflight 3.2.1. Make sure to add the Silicone Modified Conformal Coating addition apply after testing and soldering. Protects electronics from moisture, corrosion, thermal shock, and static discharges.

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