All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

Flip32 AIO Version 2.0

Flip32 AIO Version 2.0

New .Improved robust components for the UBEC. ALL NEW 2.0 ARE PASSING TEST WITH FLYING COLORS; ORDERS ARE NOW SHIPPING ! Only at make sure your getting the newest board. Most important correctly tested to get you in the air faster, and keep you here longer

The Flip32 v2./ All in One is based off the Flip32 Lineup, but packs all the features in one small board, but it has integrated MiniOSD, PDB, BEC and Current and voltage sensors, soulation for FPV, incl. almost everything FPV needed (excl. RF) on 35x35 mm PCB. RTF Quads has always shipped v2 of the AIO.

Important : Comes Pre- flashed with CleanFlight 1.11.0 , and the latest OSD release,osd-, so your are ready to fly. .. get OSD software GUI here. All of the correct changes are done. all pre flashed. nothing for you to do but fly. ( #define CLEANFLIGHT, FC_VOLTAGE_CONFIG ect..) (Please login to see best price for your area)  These come pre-tested on our a very complicated and expensive testing rig to insure your getting a correctly working board every time.

• STM103 MCU runs Cleanflight firmware
• Only 35x35mm, mount holes 30x30mm
• Onboard USB
• incl. 5V 3A UBEC
• incl. complete OSD hardware, Compatible with MinimOSD/MWOSD/CC3D OSD
• incl. one small PDB
• incl. Current and voltage sensors
• The default firmware of OSD for Cleanflight
• The board can support 2-6S.
• The board can take 80amps current sensor(Burst 110Amps)
• For switch the usb connection, USB to Flip32 or USB to OSD or Flip32 to OSD
••  Comes with EZ Female ESC Cable (not found in any shop)
••  Reinforced USB port. ( not found in any other shop)





Jumper Define

Jumper 11 - controls the power source for 5V+ on the Telemetry port(UART1)

Default: from LDO -- less noise, but can only supply up to 100 ma

Cut & Short: from BEC -- more noise, but can supply up to 500 ma

Jumper 14 - controls the voltage output on Serial RX Port (UART2)

Default: 5V

Cut & Short: 3.3V

WARNING: Please switch it to 3.3v before connect any 3.3v devices on this port(spektrum satellit receiver)

Jumper 15 - controls the UART2 / Soft Serial 2* port pins

Default: hardware UART2

Cut & Short: connects software serial 2 to the UART2 Soft Serial 2* port instead of hardware UART2

Note: If Jumper 15 is cut and shorted, the onboard current sensor will no longer work, however both hardware UART2 and soft serial 2 will be

available. By default the current sensor will work, but software serial 2 will not be available.