All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

Flip32-F4- ICM Edition (MPU-ICM20608)

Flip32-F4- ICM Edition (MPU-ICM20608)


A lot of debate on Gyros.  MPU 6000 is a super stable Gyro and awesome for Beginners and experts but we wanted it to get a true A to B and C comparison,  MPU 6000 Vs MPU 6500 Vs MPU 9250 and now The ICM-20608. With the low noise Gyro, optimal gyro placement recommended , and not an overly super inventive gyro that will require chasing down the PID tune. The Flight controller DEVS are doing some good awesome with with Gyro Filtering.  The Flip F4 Special  boasts some amazing features. Using a super sensitive  gyro, the  Flip F4 Special is capable of up to 32kHz gyro sample and PID loop control. 32K/32K/32K. That means everything is synced across the board. You will never have to worry about old data again. The super sensitive gyro is one of the highest sensitivity of any gyro available, so currently soft mounting is still recommended, but they are working on improvements everyday.. The MPU-6250 is very sensitive but with today's filtering we have found that in certain circumstances you might be able to get better performance out of this gyro. It is all a matter of feel and some Gyros are going to work better for people/Flyers/Frames than others.  

RaceFlight this board can use the the Revolt board target in the bb343,BB345 releases, and it allows 32khz  link: ; or the Beta Builds RaceFlight Configurator :

example in here RS2k  talks about the feeling of MPU 6500 vs MPU 6000 Vs MUP 9250

Having flown both the Sparky 2 with the MPU9250 (aka. MPU 6500), and the Revo with the MPU 6000 back to back on exact setups, I can definitely say the MPU9250 (aka. MPU 6500) flies smoother than the MPU6000.

The MPU6000 has an annoying 1 out of 8 jitter that doesn't exist with the MPU9250. (aka. MPU 6500) The MPU9250  (aka. MPU 6500) is also capable of 32 KHz while the MPU6000 is not. I've been working on 32 KHz support again.... among other things. 

Firmware :

BetaFlight : 

Add a Battle Pack to test for yourself . 1 MPU-6xxx and 1 MPU-9250 board. 

UART1 has three input: 1. DSM2 socket, it is no inverter,  2.pinheaders called UART TX RX, it is no inverter 3. Pinheaders called SBUS, it has inverter