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Flip32- F4- Vedrfolnir

Flip32- F4- Vedrfolnir

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The Flip32 F4 Vedrfolnir AIO packs a punch with almost all the features of its big brother Helheim Flight controller minus the SD card reader black box, BUT does have a onboard black box chip to you can log. . True 30A ESC packed in a sinister package. But now with 32-Bit ESCs!  Vedrfolnir  is a hawk sitting between the eyes of an unnamed eagle that is perched on top of the world tree Yggdrasil. Get Ready to take down your pray! The Vedrfolnir AIO Flight Controller is a truly All-in-One FC that combines a F4 FC, 4x 30A BLHeli_32 bit ESCs, Betaflight OSD, PDB, 5v 3A BEC and Current Sensor all in 1 compact package and weighing only 16g! Like other AIO flight controllers, you’ll be able to tune your PID’s using your transmitter, and use the drag and drop OSD setup in the OSD tab of the BetaFlight Configurator. This Vedrfolnir AIO Flight Controller integrates the latest in ESC technology with BLHeli_32 bit ESCs, while at the same time handing high current of 30A per motor constant. If you've been thinking about trying a AIO FC + ESC, then this is the one for you. We do OEM this to many others, the newest version will always he sold here

BetaFlight software target is VGOODHF4 for 3.1.7 or below. For BetaFlight 3.2 and higher use the LUXF4OSD

  • Model:  Flip32- F4- Vedrfolnir 
  •  30A ESC32 4-in-1  ESC AIO F4 OSD Flight Controller with BEC and Current Sensor
  • Lipo Battery: 2-4S
  • Con. Current: 30A
  • Peak Current: 35A (10Sec.)
  • BEC: 5V @1.5A (3A MAX) (BEC not LDO)
  • Programming: YES
  • Firmware:  BetaFlight 3.2 and higher use the LUXF4OSD

Flight controller features:

  • F4 FC + OSD + BEC + Current  Sensor +ESC32 
  • Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo  
  • Output Voltage: [email protected] 1.5A (3A MAX) (BEC not LDO)
  • Sensor: STM32F4 CPU
  • ICM-MPU6000 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes SPI  MicroUSB socket
  • Size(PCB): 36x36mm
  • Weight: 22g            

ESC Features: 

  •  F4 Flight Control Board integrated with OSD 
  • F0, 72MHZ Chip 
  • ESC32 licence Firmware, 
  • 4 in 1 ESC, (36*36mm)
  • 5V 3A BEC
  • Current Sensor 
  • 2-4S Lipo Battery
  • Oneshot42, Oneshot125, Multishot  and 16.5 Dshot600

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