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Flite Test ElectroHub Electronic Kit

Flite Test ElectroHub Electronic Kit
ElectroHub Parts


NOTE: If you are ordering a Flight Controller from this page, you must select either a motor or ESC option. To order the controller only, please do so directly from the respective pages for that controller: KK2.1.5 or Flip MWC 1.5


This is all the components needed for the new ElectroHub Quad from Flite Test.

Found here: http://store.flitetest.com/electrohub-quadcopter-kit/

Note: This is not the frame parts. This is only the Electronics that will connect to the ElectroHub.

All the parts to complete the ElectroHub are listed on this page.

The Flip 1.5 controller will be flashed and ready as per their specifications, just set up your radio and go!

ESCs: Preflashed and ready to go, may need to calibrate as per your your radio (set for spektrum users). You can purchase a calibration cable here. The 20a ESCs are highly recommended and will have plenty of headroom for the current draw. If you really want to play it safe, you can purchase the 30a ESCs but they are really not necessary.

Flight Controller: We highly recommended the Flip 1.5, even for beginners. It will come pre-flashed to be plug and play for most radios.  We also have the KK2.1.5 option available if you desire, but we really want to urge to you explore MultiWii.

Motors: The new T2212 RTF motor is highly recommended. They have a flat motor base, eliminating the need for shaft hole on the motor mount and have great performance. If you are on a tight budget, we also have our Red Special motors available. Both are 4s capable.

Receiver: Lemon Rx will bind with any spectrum Dsm2/dsmx radio and work very well. Factory direct for the lowest price. 

You may also need the power harness for the XT60 battery, and wires to link your receiver to the flight controller.