Please expect some delay in testing for July 2021.All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

The Hyphy 2xx Frame (5'' or 6'' option)

The Hyphy 2xx Frame (5'' or 6'' option)

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Regular Price: $59.00

Sale Price $45.00



Le Hyphy Frame

Slight changes have been made since the version in the photos to improve arm strength (minor adjustment to the motor pad shape near the inner screw slots) and a horizontal TPU component designed to mount the antenna vertically is now included with the kit. Please note that the photographs do not yet reflect these changes, though they are quite minor. 

Le Hyphy. I initially set out to design the perfect frame for myself, one which ticked all of my must-have boxes and avoided all of the design decisions I'm not particularly keen on. After seeking feedback and showing off my creation, from which I took motivation from the Shrike V2 and the SCX200, it became apparent that I was going to need to make these suckas available. Alas, here we are. 

Check it out in the photo booth here:

Check it out in the air here:

Check out the 3D printable accessories here:


- 1 x Bottom Plate (2mm)

- 1 x Top Plate (2mm)

- 1 x Mid Plate (2mm)

- 4 x 5" Arms (4mm)

- 5 x 16mm M3 Screws (Black)

- 5 x 12mm M3 Screws (Black) 

- 5 x 6mm M3 Screws (Black) 

- 5 x  M3 Flanged Lock Nuts (Black) 

- 5 x 22mm M3 Standoffs, Hexogonal (Black)

- 1 x Foam Battery Pad

- 1 x 3D Printed TPU SMA Mount (Orange)

Build log here :

copied from ^^ check the info for all the info : "Finding the perfect frame is sort of like finding the perfect boyfriend. You know exactly what you want, all the little boxes that need to be ticked. Big, strong biceps, rippling abs, that euroboy long-on-top haircut, and those deep, beautiful orange eyes... but alas, he's somehow managed to elude your grasp for all these years. Then, one day, as you're strolling through the local Speedway at 9am trollin' for your daily breakfast griller, you see him. His soft, supple hands outstretched as he reaches for a bag of Warheads sour candies, and you know he's the one. "

Hyph Quad Frame ( 5 inch or 6 inch option)  aka Hyphie