All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

LittleBee 30A-S BlHeli-S PRO Naked BLHELI_S - (MUILTSHOT)

LittleBee 30A-S BlHeli-S PRO Naked BLHELI_S - (MUILTSHOT)

The 30A LittleBee Speed controller is proven itself and is super compact, lightweight, high performance speed controller for your racing multi-rotor. Pre-flashed with BLheli and ready to use with D-Shot/ Multi-shot.  . In addition to being one of the most compact 30A ESC’s on the market, it also runs Dshot 600. Simply solder them up, configure as you normally would for Dshot and you are winning the races! 

  • Solid 35Amp
  • A-H-15 Firmware
  • Thick Solder pads
  • BlHeli-S
  • "BB2" EFM8BB21F16
  • D-shot / Multshot 
  • 2-6s   input Voltage

To keep the price to the lowest possible, these will come with no wires. you can add wires if need.

these are also named LittleBee Spring 30Amp 2-6S ESC (Dshot 600) 



These New LittleBee Blheli-S 30amp Esc’s Are Some Of The New Generation Of Littlebee Esc’s That Feature The Blheli-S Firmware. The Hardware And Software Advancements In Blheli-S Are Responsible For An Ultra Smooth Throttle Response, Which Ultimately Translates Into The Smoothest Handling Flying Experience To Date.

FVT LITTLEBEE 30A BLHELI-S ESC— An Excellent Esc For Miniquads Flying High Pitch 6″ Props–Supporting 2-6S Batteries- These Escs Are Very Similar In Performance To The Kiss Escs, But With Pre-Soldered Wires And BLHELI-S Firmware, They Are Mosfet Driven With Fast, Dedicated Driver Chips On Quality PCB Boards.  This Means Better Freewheeling And Braking.  These ESCs Have Silicon Labs Processors And Gate-Drivers Which Makes The Braking Of The Motors Faster Than Other, Lower Quality Alternatives. These Little Bees ESCs Really Buzz!

These Are OPTO Escs- So Make Sure To Get A BEC To Power Your Flight Controller When Using These Electronics.   These Escs Come With Bootloader Enabled. This Means That You Can Program Them With An ESC Programmer.Or You Can Use BLHELI Passthrough With The Latest Version Of Cleanflight/Betaflight.  Instructions On Passthrough Are Here:   Because We Are An Official Favorite Electronics Dealer, We Can Offer A Full Warranty  For Any Defective Products (Which Are Few And Far Between)

  • Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo 
  • BEC Output: No
  • Continue Current: 30A,Burst Current: 35A  
  • Size: 35*17mm 
  • Weight: 8.7g
  • FirmWare: BLHELI-S
  • Supports Damped Mode AKA Active Braking
  • Main IC: SILABS C8051F394 
  • MOS Is Driven By The Non – Transistor (Drive Tube)

Dshot Highlights and advantages over other protocols include:

  • no signal jitter.. if the FC sends 1375 the ESC will receive 1375 
  • high resolution (2048steps)
  • no oscillator drift (no more calibrating ESC’s)
  • more robust against spikes
  • safer as every singnal has a CRC (cyclic redundancy check)
  • maybe later some goodies like having the ESC’s beep with the buzzer signal or things like that
  •  If you’re looking for more info on Blheli_S, click HERE. The highlights of the Blheli_S protocol are as follows

BLHeli_S is an improved version of the base BLHeli code.

BLHeli_S delivers a throttle response that is Smooth as Silk, and the main factor contributing to this, is that it uses hardware to generate motor PWM. Two MCUs support this for BLHeli_S, namely the BusyBee1 at 24MHz (EFM8BB10F8) and the BusyBee2 at 48MHz (EFM8BB21F16).

  • BLHeli_S will have the same good Sync holding properties as base BLHeli. Maybe even better.
  • BLHeli_S generally does Startup better than base BLHeli.
  • BLHeli_S does damped light. Only.
  • BLHeli_S has motor PWM that is Synchronous to the MCU master clock, as it is generated by hardware. This makes the motor Silent.
  • BLHeli_S has very Small throttle Steps. The resolution varies between hardware configurations (MCU clock speed and driver type), and is between a nominal 512 steps and 2048 steps.
  • BLHeli_S supports very high motor Speeds. A BB1 MCU will support 350k erpm, and the limit of the BB2 is not yet known, so the code is set to
  • limit at 500k erpm.
  • BLHeli_S supports regular 1-2ms input signal, as well as Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot. Autodetected when the ESC sees an input signa