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NightHawk Fiberglass Mini Frame (250mm)

NightHawk Fiberglass Mini Frame (250mm)

This quad is marketed as an Nighthawk 250 PRO,  and other names.

  • - Small and light

  • - Resistant to crash .. ;)

  • - Ideal FPV Racing platform

  • - Two different size motors mounting options



This quad is marketed as an Nighthawk and other names.

  • Extremely easy to assemble.  Total assembly takes only minutes & plates are easy to remove for quick repairs.
  • Only 146 grams.
  • Motor mount holes for M2 & M3 to accomidate 18XX motors or 22XX sized motors.
  • FPV Gear pushed way out front to keep props out of view.  Also helps keep COG correct with your battery on the tail.
  • Plenty of space inside frame for ESC's