All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

OMNIBUS Fireworks v2

OMNIBUS Fireworks v2

Regular Price: $49.99

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Regular Price: $49.99

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F4 AIO Omnibus Fireworks Flight Control - F4 + 3-6s + 32k Gyro loop + Subdued Gyro + ESC Telemetry + PDB + OSD + BARO + BEC + DCS + LC + 5UART

The F4 AIO Bus Fireworks FC, made by the creators of the very popular and beloved Omnibus FC , is an AIO FC, as in addition to F4 chip & dammed ICM20608 (32k gyro loop!) also with a build-in PDB (3-6S Lipo!). Betaflight OSD (AB7456), Baro, Digital Current Sensor , 5V BEC and TDK Power Filter is populated! The mounting holes stayed at 30.5mmx30.5mm. The small dimensions make it a real alternative for all 3 "- 5" quads. The omnibus is not only suitable for multicopters. 

ALL IN ONE – All new Omnibus F4 Fireworks Final v2 version. Great new features like soft mounted ultra fast gyro, Pro-grade PDB, 1A BEC, BAROMETER, Digital Current Sensor, Blackbox Data Flash, Betaflight OSD and easy telemetry pads for 32bit BLHeli_32 or KISS escs. One fixed inverter on SBUS..The Omnibus Fireworks flight controller uses the ICM20608 over SPI for the best possible flight performance. With onboard damping box, the ICM20608 runs perfectly under 32k Gyro loop. Also onboard are a barometer and AB7456 OSD chip for the BetaFlight integrated OSD.


  • STM32 F405 MCU 
  • Soft mounted MPU ICM20608 (also interchangeable with MPU6000 Gyro Box> available with us)
  • integrated OSD (AB7456) (adaptable via Betaflight, FC over SPI bus) 
  • D-Shot support 
  • 5 UART ports
  • PID setting via transmitter / video via SmartAudio 
  • SmartAudio 
  • integrated TDK Power Filter 
  • Integrated Digital Current Sensor Voltage + RSSI + Buzzer 
  • Integrated SBEC 5V 1.5A 
  • Supports Lipo direct plugin (3-6S)
  • Supports 5V 1.5A BEC output (Buck)
  • Supports 8V 1.5A BEC with LC filter output for the camera and VTX(Buck)
  • Supports Betaflight 
  • SBus / PPM Input (Pinheader) + DSMX Ports 
  • Direct Lipo 3-6S  
  • Buzz Port 
  • Built-in hall Current Sensor
  • Built-in Professional Level PDB
  • More caps to reduce power noise.
  • Solder pads added for SmartAudio and Camera Control (next to Video pads)
  • The orientation of IMU FPC optimized
  • Gyro ribbon cable redesigned to fit without extending outside the board
  • Added an 8v BEC and LC Filter for the camera and VTX power
  • 42x42mm (Mounting Standard 30.5x30, 5mm) 

Omnibus Fireworks supports 3-6s LIPO direct input, build in hall Current Sensor and Power Filter too.

The on Board PDB is tweaked by using 12-Layer PCB design. There is only 0.2-0.5 mohm internal resistance from input to each output pads

Power: VBAT
SBUS Invertor: UART1
PPM: Use SBUS pin

ESC Telemetry: UART4
Spare UART: 2,6

Amperage Meter Scale: 175 (digital sensor)

SBUS RC UART1 PA10 Build-in invertera

DSM2 TX1 UART1 PA9 CLI serialrx_halfduplex set to ON

Smart Audio VTX S/A UART2 PA2

Smartport TX1 Software serial PA9 Invalid when using DSM2 RX

ESC Telemetry RX4 UART4 PA1

Camera Control CAM_C PB9





Buzzer Bz-/Bz+ PB4

Current sensor scale 175

Current sensor offset -19700 (±2000)

Current range default 150A

extended by sample resistor up to 320A