Please expect some delay in testing for July 2021.All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

RaceKraft 5038 DCS Double Blade Propellers (Double Crane Style) (BLUE/GREEN GALAXY)

RaceKraft 5038 DCS Double Blade Propellers (Double Crane Style) (BLUE/GREEN GALAXY)


The designers of this particular Racekraft DCS 5038 prop is an industry first in that it is truly optimized for speed. Typically Racing Drones are flying anywhere from 40-60mph on average, with bursts of 80+ MPH on certain set ups. With this critical bit of knowledge, the 5038 prop was designed to bring maximum aerodynamic efficiency at 40MPH. Engineered to provide maximum performance 

Throw out the thrust data you're accustomed to seeing, as these props are not going to take the crown for any "static" thrust tests strictly due to their design!  The 5038 DCS props are designed to be smooth, powerful and very efficient. Best performer at high speeds

Racekraft has named this prop 5038, but in actuality it sports a static pitch angle of 4.0".  

Form Factor 

One of the first things pilots notice is the aggressively raised blades & tips above the hub, and are nearly 1 inch higher than the prop hub. Thanks to aerodynamics, Racekraft has designed this prop to give massive amounts of bite at the first inch outward from the hub. This is due to the airfoil spinning at a much slower rpm than the tip of the prop. 

Such designs are inherently going to provide more thrust across the entire length of the prop, instead of just near the tips. Additionally the extreme blade tips feature an upturned wingtip device, which aids to increase efficiency while minimizing prop vorticies. 

Team RaceKraft 5038 DCS Props (2CW/ 2CCW)