All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping. Aug,2020 Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

B-12A Ice Blue series SimonK-(RapidESC)

B-12A Ice Blue series SimonK-(RapidESC)
12 Amp RapidESC BLHeli multi can also be flashed. For most users we find SimonK plays best with almost all flight controllers, for an amazing flight. If you want to play around with BLheli, try to changing Standard config to:1. timing set to med-hi, 2. demag compensation set to off, may require more changes for your battery/motor setup. For more info on BLHeli go here


**Currently we are flashing them with SimonK 5-15-13 firmware to be compatible with the Sunnysky X2204 motors, etc.

 The input capacitor has also been upgraded from 16 to 25V for ample operation.  Plus the added a heat-sink adds for even better sustained high current operation. Try to keep them in moving air is best. 

These ESCs will give your multi rotor quicker reflexes, less drift, and smoother flights. These are so fast, compared to standard ESCs you can double your PI gains! ALL ESCs are flashed with the most current version of the famous SimonK firmware. Future software updates can be performed through the servo cable eliminating the need for complicated flashing jigs.


  • Continuous: 12 Amp
  • Burst: 16 Amp
  • Atmel processor
  • All N-FETS
  • Battery: 2-3S Lipoly
  • SBEC: 5v / 1A
  • Size: 22 x 21 x 4mm
  • Weight: 10g