All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping. Aug,2020 Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

F-12A Fire Red series BLHeli-(OneShot)

F-12A Fire Red series BLHeli-(OneShot)

Flashed with newest BlHeli firmware installed and tested!

(the newest firmware is compatible running conjugation with all 13.x.x firmware)

RTF F-12A ESCs Bring Fire with Fire when you smoke everyone without the BL-Heli active braking version, made to the king for Racing MultiCopters - specifically to run at 3S-4S. They also feature ultra light weight construction with excellent thermal properties for a ESC - the MOSFETS are specifically selected to run with the least amount of heat production and highest efficiency. For Cleanflight ,Baseflight, Tau Labs, MWii, any flight code which is OneShot enabled - these ESCs are OneShot auto-detect ready.

The RTF 12Amp ESC BL-Heli ships out pre-programmed and optimized for best performance - pre-configured - OneShot is included/Ready


Enable Racing Mode! (Dampened Light Supported)

Enable racing mode to change over 10 Settings for maximum performance : PWM Frequency/Damped, Motor Timing, Beacon strength/Delay,PPM MIN/MAX Throttle are set to maximum performance!  Pair with a Flip32 for automatic detection of all the advantages of Oneshot123


The main advantages of BL-Heli software is the use Active free wheel and active braking (PWM Damping) Dampened Light - 13.1 is OneShot ready for Flip32 - this actively slows the prop/motor down on one side of your Quad, while speeding the prop on the other - without "active-braking" the prop has to slow by inertia and drag alone - this DAMPING Light mode puts the brakes on! - the Racing Quad handles better - but you must also increase "P" slowly in 0.1 increments to see the full benefits. Boot-loader enabled! This means all the settings can be changed over the servo cable with a simple pro mini+ftdi combo




These ESCs will give your multi rotor quicker reflexes, less drift, and smoother flights. These are so fast, compared to standard ESCs you can double your PI gains! ALL ESCs are flashed with the most current version of the famous BL-Heli. Future software updates can be performed through the servo cable eliminating the need for complicated flashing jigs.


  • Continuous: 12 Amp
  • Burst: 16 Amp
  • Atmel processor
  • All N-FETS
  • Battery: 2-3S Lipoly
  • SBEC: 5v / 1A
  • Size: 19x35x6mm
  • Weight: 10g