All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

RTF ARM RACING ESC 12A (V3.05 Firmware)

RTF ARM RACING ESC 12A (V3.05 Firmware)

 V2 now shipping. New super small size . Introducing out new ARM line of ESC. Enjoy a more efficient, smoother, more responsive flight  with a Powerful STM32F051 48MHz ARM 32-bit MCU for super fast clock rates. Main objective objectives achieved were to build with robust components to with-stain crashes and a rating (12A) is tested without cooling supplied. Tested with all the racing types of motors available. Now flashed with the newest V3.02 Firmware for OneShot42/MultiShot & OneShot125)  

w/ 1.3 Bootloader
    (V3.05 Firmware-OneShot42/MultiShot)
  • -Developed for Racing Multicopters, Now with OneShot42/MultiShot Support!

  • - 2-4S 12Amp MAX

  • - STM32F051 48MHz ARM 32-bit MCU

  • - Precision speed control (about 1480 steps) (compared to others at 975)

  • - Rapid implementation of throttle  changes

  • - adaptive Auto Timing

  • - 24Khz PWM Frequenz

  • -30AMP RMS with no cooling needed

  • - Slim desing no additional bulky capacitors

  • - 50-500Hz input signal(PWM) or oneshot125 (up to 2000Hz)

  • - Active freewheeling enabled (little diode losses resulting in higher efficiency)

  • - Regenerative braking, therefore quick throttle response when decelerate

  • -Overcurrent protection (To protect from damages/fire reduces current as needed)

  • -Overtemperature protection (To protect from damages/fire) 



We are Prode to introduce out new ARM line of ESC. With a Powerful STM32F051 48MHz ARM 32-bit MCU for super fast clock rates.  Loaded with the newest firmware. MultiShot Support  

Products advantages:
1. High compatibility can be compatible with most of the motors. Compared to the other most famous firmware, our firmware can compatible more motor types, especially high KV value motors.
2. Fast throttle response, excellent linear. No jump from 0-100% throttle. The other most famous and widely used firmware will appear different degree of jump when the throttle at the position of 92.5% position.
3. Have very small size and light weight. No external electronic capacitor.
4. 32bit ARM chip, hardware PWM driver.
5. PMSM, gate driver IC

Main features:
1. Special designed for multi drones.
2. STM32F051 48MHZ ARM 32-bit micro-processor.
3. No external electrolytic capacitors.
4. Adaptive timing. It can compatible with much more motors.
5. Automatic detect if it is the ordinary remote control signal (PWM) 50-500Hz or One-Shot125 Signal. One-shot42
6. Having synchronous rectification technology to increase the working efficiency of ESC.
7. Regenerative braking, active brake. Motor deceleration response increased significantly.
8. Anti blocking protection. When motor or propeller is blocked by something, ESC will stop the rotating of motor immediately to avoid the damage of motor. The motor will automatic start to rotate when detect there is no blocking.
9. PWM output frequency is 24 KHz.
10. Throttle resolution is about 1480 steps.
11. Max. RPM: 450,000rolls (2 poles), 150,000rolls (6 poles), 75,000rolls (12 poles)
12. Support 2-4s Lipo battery.