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  1. $1.50

    These are sized for the MX20A ESC....

    pack for 4 

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  2. $0.10

    classifieds Item # 13  - 10P DuPont header to 1p DuPont Head cable  

    Used for the older flight controllers with pwm they would be really nice for Arduino projects or other projects

    length  = 10cm

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  3. $0.45

    classifieds Item # 11  - Antenna Mount Dual 45 Degree Twin V Pedestal Receiver Box Flysky Frsky

    These are very cheaply made and usually break within the first impact but it might work ok for something

    Receiver antenna mount lets you cleanly fix your receiver antenna at the optimal 45 degree vertical orientation for maximum range and reception. Further more if you only have a single antenna you can mount one central vertical antenna.

    The mount can be glued or use the supplied sticky pad to secure it to any flat surface or has fins for mounting on the edge of the frame. The tubes can be cut to any length to acomodate your antennas.



    Item name: Antenna Pedestal

    Weight: about 2g

    Color: yellow

    Usage: for two lines antenna

    Note: antenna pedestal only, package not included any frame kits or electronics.

    Package Contents:

    1x Antenna Pedestal

    2x Antenna Tubes

    1x double sided pad

    2x Tube end caps

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  4. $0.35

    classifieds Item # 10  -

    These are sold as vibration platforms for flight controllers but I highly recommend not using them for this purpose but they might be good for some aftermarket project or Mobius/camera mount.



    Item Name:Flight Controller Anti-vibration Plate

    Material: Plastic

    Color: Black

    Suitable flight controller: CC3D, Mini APM,CC3D Atom  (NOTTTTTTT)

    With Rubber Balls 4Pcs


    Package Included:

    1 X Flight Controller Anti-vibration Plate

    4 X Rubber Balls

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