All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping. Aug,2020 Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

The RTF LULZ Flight Controller (D-Shot Ready)

The RTF LULZ Flight Controller (D-Shot Ready)

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This controller packs tons of punch of features at a unreal Price! Supports D-Shot , Direct 2-6s Lipo Power BEC on-board,All Rx/tx pined out, Barometer!, all on a super clean layout. This controller uses .  "ISHAPEDF3" In betaflight, so you will always have the newest hex files!

LULZ! is what you will be screaming, laughing at all your racing buddies. When your build  has super clean wiring, increase build speed, and reduce size, weight, with the new lulz Flight controller.  - for mini Quads - Features a F303 32 bit STM ARM based CPU and Runs on Opensource code!! from the old school MultiWii, comes preloaded with "BetaFlight" which was ported over from CleanFlight  by BorisB, new code focusing a lot on the gyro Acro mode - BorisB BetaFlight makes freestyle Acrobatics much easier to fly and has very positive lock for 4 point rolls or flips or inverted moves, Air-Mode. For super smooth Flying 

noun: lulz; noun: luls
fun, laughter, or amusement, especially that derived at another's expense.
"‘OMG,’ she scolded, ‘this is no time for lulz’"

8 input channels 
8 output channels 
3 UARTs (GPS, Telemetry, S.bus) 
2-6s input power
5v output - 2A Max 
STM32 F303 256k 
16mbit -> 2megabyte storage 
Barometer (bmp280)
Spektrum satellite port
MPU6500 accelerometer/gyro

30.5mm mounting holes
MicroUSB socket
Dedicated connector for WS2811-style LEDs
Shipping with betaflight . can Operates on Cleanflight too

firmware files here: ( or found in the betaflight firmware flasher



RTF LuLZ Flight controller

firmware files here if needed: