All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

RTF Mini "4-in-1" 12-Amp ESC HV (35x35) SIMONK-(RAPIDESC)

RTF Mini "4-in-1" 12-Amp ESC HV (35x35) SIMONK-(RAPIDESC)

RTF Mini "4-in-1" 12-Amp 35x35 HIGH VOLTAGE up to 4s

RTF  "4-in1" 12 amp ESC with customized SimonK firmware including OneShot auto-detect is the perfect ESC to use on any MultiCopters. This ESC is small in size (35mmX35mmx6mm) and big on power, supporting 22A on 4s , testing up to 250watts per channel . The ESC comes pre-loaded with the newest simonk  firmware, which is compatible with new features like "OneShot" (no soldering required, it will auto-detect if OneShot is enabled), Comp PWM (similar to KISS braking feature), compatible withanymost all  motors up to 4 cell.

The RTF 12 amp AutoShot 4-in1 ESC has been tested and are compatible with all RTF motors , 2S-4S, both 5" and 6" props without sync loss issues or cogging.

Users will need to install and wires. no extra cap needed

Please note: This is for more advanced users. Good soldering is a must.

Watch your spacer size, the clearance is minimal. 3mm spacers work best, but you still need to file down the thick edges.




RTF Mini "4-in-1" 12-Amp 35x35

Maximize all the performance you can out of your multirotors. Featuring ultra light weight construction with excellent thermal properties for an ESC - the MOSFETS are specifically selected to run SimonK with the least amount of heat production and highest efficiency.  Users will need to install wires.

All new layout Hug inspired by the hug layout . no cap to install
supports 4S battery
All Nfets (bsnfet.hex)
12Amp constant with 15Amp burst (per channel)
Built in 5v-1A Linear BEC
3S-4S Capable (under 4S please make sure to keep good cooling)
Ultra light weight -14g with cap and signal wires. 18grams with all motors and power wires.
400hz and 490hz compatible - DJi, naze32, cc & MultiWii tested with mni motors to 25,000rpm
Size:  35mm (L) * 35mm (W) * 6mm (H)
uSEC range  These are programmed to SimonK - idle ≤1064   - mid 1464 -  high throttle ≥1864 uSec
Signal and motor cables are included.
Please Note: This is for advanced users.

This is not for the timid solderer; there are very small solder pads. Watch your spacer size, the clearance is minimal. 3mm spacers work best, but you still need to file down the thick edges. If you are not comfortable with a soldering iron, please see our B-12A esc.

5-15-13 simonK firmware installed for best compatibility with high kv motors.

The Simonk AutoShot firmware is pre-calibrated with endpoints 1060us - 1860us. This corresponds to the default endpoints in both Baseflight and Cleanflight. Therefore, "Calibration" procedure is not necessary. Removal of the red wire in the signal cable is ok if you don't need 5v power out, but both the ground (black) and signal wire (white) need to be connect to the flight controller. Do not connect only the signal wire alone.

  • Able to handle Active Braking / Damped Light / Comp_PWM
  • AutoShot (OneShot125 / FastPWM Auto Detect)
  • Customized to drive all motors without sync issues or cogging.

To enable new features on Baseflight:
- On Configuration tab, check "Enable OneShot" and "Enable FastPWM"
- Scroll down and click "Save"

To enable new features on Cleanflight:
-On Configuration tab, check the "Enabled" box next to "ONESHOT125" Feature
-Scroll down and click "Save"