Please expect some delay in testing for July 2021.All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

RTF RX5808 Pro Diversity for Fatshark Goggles (Compact Version) W/ v2 software

RTF RX5808 Pro Diversity for Fatshark Goggles (Compact Version) W/ v2 software

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Awesome quality, true diversity  Based on the Open source RX5808 project. All credits for  sheaivey . SMA Plug . Now Pre- Flashed with V2 Software to unlock many new features and improvements overall. Now with 'Find Model" feature.

Now pre-Flashed with "V2" of the Firmware thanks to gc9n

This Open source hardware is super powerful. with the power of the community there are many Firmware to flash and try. Check out the links below. : 

GC9N Firmware -

Direct hex here:

Dexterbot Firmware -

Jelle FPV Firmware -

Original Shea Ivey RX5808 Firmware -

or also flash the 

  • RealACC Hardward 
  • Frequency: 5.8G
  • Channel: 40CH
  • All in one integrated receiver
  • Fits Fatshark Goggles
  • With OLED display for setup
  • Auto scan
  • Channel switch in 25ms
  • Follows all realacc rx5808 tutorials 
  •  Feature that is called "Find Model" if you lost your quad but you still have image , then with a directional antenna in A ( Helical or Patch) , if you point to the right direction the persentage of signal will rise so you will know aproximatelly the direction of the object.

Plug and Play - firmware loaded and tested


Firmware support here:

Check out how to change the Picture and re-flash here:  ( This article is about how to flash a RX5808 diversity module with the latest firmware and also change the start screen.)

Find tons of mod pictures here :

Package Included:(antennas are not included)

1 x Main Receiver 

1 x Minor Receiver

Good Thread about the hardware here:

Connect an FTDI to the bottom of the RX5808 and flash with Xloader:

Find the eeprom_clear.ino.hex here if you get suck :

FTDI drivers here:

On Xloader, Select:

File - the HEX you just downloaded

COM - COM of your FTDI

Device - Duemilanove/Nano(ATmega328)

Baude rate - 57600

Click upload and wait to finish, yours RX5808 will reboot with the new

Firmware is ready for OSD mod.

V2.0 OSD Support (Menus-RSSI-Diversity-Battery) Fatshark Button Support

  • Added OSD support for menus
  • Ultra fast Real time RSSI feed back
  • Ultra fast Real time Diversity feed back
  • PAL or NTSC recognition
  • Goggles Battery monitor
  • Fatshark Buttons Compatibility
  • Favorites enhancement
  • "Find Model" Feature
  • Set Filter L M H < now you can set histiric filter between 5-25 ,it will also show if its high or low or med, and save it in eeprom !> <press middle to go back to menu > up and down to + and - the filter value ! <press middle to go back to menu 
  •  Spectate mode ! this will scan all channels for active signal and hold it there for 15 second and will look for the next active one , if you press up or down button you can change the range ,40ch full scan only 8 race band or just 8 immersion !<press middle to go back to menu >