All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

RTF Total Distribution Total With OSD V2

RTF Total Distribution Total With OSD V2


 Now with OSD. Based off the poplar H-hub OSD but with a lot of new features. LC filter, distribution for pwm. 12v -or 5v selectable on video tx and camera ports. Runs real mw-osd or type variance.  Extra 5v and 12 volt pads.  USB port for easy updating. Super clean Power Distribution board + Speed controller Distribution. Build-in Current sensor.  Then pipe back everything back the the Flight controller making everything super clean.  Super clean 5v regulator to power the flight controller for OPTO Speed controllers

Per-load with BETAFLIGHT READY ;  CLEANFLIGHT READY OR STAND-ALONE USE!   and  scarab osd! Do not bang your head on the desk trying to figure out all the firmware configuration settings. We have spent  a lot of time, so this FC & OSD is the most Ready to Fly It can be, ONLY FROM RTFQuads, we have built and know these Flight Controllers  more then anyone else, just load up the GUI and move the OSD objects around to your liking ! Less time on the bench more time in the Air! 

get the OSD GUI HERE:

Now V2 with Serial connection to Fc 

Runs super configurable MWC-osd or scarab-osd , and variance

USB plug for easy Updated and changing Config (no FTDI needed)

selectable 12v and 5v on camera and Video Tx Port 

True LC Fliter

PWM distribution  for super clean wiring