All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

RTF Motor 1806 - 2300KV - BLACK

RTF Motor 1806 - 2300KV - BLACK

Multicopters control their flight by rapidly changing RPM every few deci-seconds - so the RTF motors are light weight and uses a light weight prop and prop adapter.  These Motors are custom wound copper packed in tight to give a kva of 2300ka.  This makes them work well on 3S 12.4v using any 6 Inch prop or the 5 inch triples or the 6x4.5 or even the 5 inch Blunt nose Props. Push the limits with 4s on a 5x3 prop! Unlimited power.  Importantly - We also always specified our motors with high end NMB™ miniature metric bearings for long lasting flight



Super strength out-runner multicopter dedicated brushless motor, The series motor is with Kawasaki, Japan 1200 # 0.2mm high efficiency silicon steel and 40UH high temperature powerful magnet. Selected the Japanese NSK pure imported bearings to reduce motor vibration, shell using high-precision CNC machining and professional balancing test, making concentricity, balance is, , greatly enhanced.  Series multicopter dedicated motor perfectly compatible with more than 99% of commercially available brushless ESC. Designed for 5 or 6 inch props, this motor has power on tap, and ready for your fully loaded 250. 

Now with all your help All NEW Verson 2 ! 

  • High Quality NMB Bearing
  • Imported Quality Copper Wire
  • Kawasaki Japan 0.2mm Silicon Steel
  • .Φ12 and Φ16 Mounting Screw Thread
  • AWG Super Soft Cable
  • -Less operating noise



HQ 5030: 11.1V | 7.43A | 82.4W | 366g
HQ 5030: 12.6V | 8.90A | 111W | 450g
HQ 5040: 11.1V | 9A | 100W | 395g
HQ 5040: 12.6V | 10.54A | 132W | 464g
HQ 5045: 11.1V | 5.97A | 110W | 371g
HQ 5045: 12.6V | 9.66A | 146W | 436g
HQ 6030: 11.1V | 7.09A | 111.6W | 403g
HQ 6030: 12.6V | 10.72A | 146.9W | 470g