Please expect some delay in testing for July 2021.All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

Sparky Flight Controller 1.0 V2

Sparky Flight Controller 1.0 V2

NEW IN 1.0 V2 : ( new batch May 2015. tested and now shipping)

 Improved sensors filtering for ultra clear barometer readings. Buy with confidence!  The regulator and barometer on boards are the best quality on he market, in other words, business as usual. 

NOTE: The color of the baord might be Blue or Black 

This is a flight controller designed  for Tau Labs, but can also run cleanflight! . It is designed to be small and easy to assemble, while being highly capable for acrobatic flight, altitude hold, FPV, RTH or PH.

How to load cleanflight video here




  • GPS capable for functions such as RTH (Return To Home), Position Hold and Waypoint navigation in conjunction with a ground station.
  • Mavlink compatible for the use of telemetry radios for use with a ground station to provide location information and waypoint navigation.
  • Barometric pressure sensor on board for accurate altitude hold indoors or out
  • 9 dof accelerometer / gyro for the absolute quickest and most accurate angle recognition and correction
  • 2 serial ports
  • PPM only – SBus Support and DSM2/x support with user selectable 3.3v or 5v setting.
  • Camera stabilization output for 3 axis
  • 10 channel outputs
  • Up to 3 adc inputs for rssi
  •  Very compact design, perfect for small UAV’s where space is limited. Also excellent in larger machines as well.
  • Weight 6.9g with right angle header pins
  • 30mm x 30mm mounting pattern
  • -Taulabs ground station / firmware compatible

Vehicle compatibility options include:

  • Multirotor – Quad X, Quad +, Hex, Hex x, Hex Y6, Octo, Octo V, Octo Coax X, Octo Coax + Ground
  • Car/Truck, Motorcycle, Tank Helicopter
  • CCPM, FP Fixed Wing
  •  Standard (elevator, aileron, rudder), Elevon and VTail mixing Custom – mix your own settings for almost any vehicle

For more information

Getting started

  • Download software here
  • A guide for getting started flying can be found here.
  • A great movie can be found here

 The firmware which corresponds with the GCS is always distributed together with the GCS installer. You will find the corresponding firmware in the installation directory of the GCS.

more info here: