All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  




RaceKraft new Props - 5045TCS 

The Racekraft 5045 is designe to maximize efficiency. Custom Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs were developed to design the RK 5046TCS. A Vortex Lattice Method was used to develop the flow around the propeller which performance estimates can be derived from. Viscous effects are accounted for using airfoil 2D section data gathered from NACA databases or derived from using 2D airfoil programs such as XFOIL. A design for maximum efficiency is ensured by manipulating blade geometry to meet the Betz condition. Betz condition requires each shedding vortex at each station along the blade shedding off as a perfect helical screw. This condition allows convergence on one blade geometry for one design point. Our CFD program takes in inputs to produce the geometry of the propeller. These inputs are speed of the multirotor, RPMs, Power, angle incidence with the flow, number of blades, and diameter. The optimum geometry from the program is then inputted into a CAD software and a 3D solid model is drawn.  The 5046TCS Triple Crane Style Race Prop

This design process allows us to design propellers optimum for certain use cases. The RK 5046 is designed for the multirotor racer as well as the Freestyle pilot. This use needs a fast propeller with control throughout the throttle range. A Racer and Freestyle propeller also needs to be extremely durable and not break when hitting other racers in the air or gates to stay in the air longer. The new Props in this industry is  RaceKraft. These props were among the most popular during the 2016 Drone Nationals held at Governor's Island in New York City and most of 2016. RaceKraft Props are made to perform and withstand today's rigorous FPV races. Combined with extensive color combinations, and durable plastic, these are one of the best props for racing. Make sure you finish the race and look good while doing so!Each order has four propellers and contains two regular (5045TCS) and reverse (5045TCSR). Give this 5051 tri prop a try, We are positive you will not be disappointed!

The industry's first truly optimized prop. Designed from the ground up for an exceptional FPV racing and freestyle experience, RaceKraft has brought us the 5051TCS tri blade prop 2 CCW and 2 CW propellers. A tri-blade in form, the 5051 prop was designed using blackbox data and feedback from some of the world's best pilots over the course of 2016. This prop is the result of hundreds of flight hours of testing and science. As a result, the prop is exceptionally smooth, efficient, and powerful -  from props on an airplanes ,Those props were the result of many hours in testing. And the result, A high pitch close to the propeller base, with the pitch lessening towards the tip. Since the interior of the propeller moves slower than the exterior of the prop, a higher pitch is needed to create a smooth and consistent distribution of lift across the face of the propeller. the Team RaceKraft 5046TCS Tri-blade prop – 2 CCW and 2 CW propellers. The similarities are striking, which is a clear indication that RaceKraft has put in a lot of development into this original FPV propeller design. 

 We expect to see these fly out the door as this is a racers choice on propellers. We expect to see these more and more on drones in races. If you should have any questions as to if these will work best with your set up, please feel free to reach out to us. You can reach us through Facebook or send us an email.  

 RTFQuads has the RaceKraft 5045TCS Tri-blade prop- 2 CCW and 2 CW propellers available in all Colors