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The Flip Motor - MT Series

The Flip Motor - MT Series

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upgrade for the stock motor. Super smooth and Powerfull. Tiger Motor MT series are premium motors developed specifically for multirotor applications. They have been designed to be efficient, powerful and reliable and are built from top quality components. All MT series models feature silky smooth Japanese bearings and extremely tight tolerances on production.

The MT2208 from T-Motor has 400mm long cables for flexibility of installation, and can use CCW and CW to never loose a prop again.

T-motor KV:1100 MT2208-18

MT2208-18 KV: 1100
Configuration: 12N14P
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Length: 8mm
Shaft Diameter: 3,175mm
Motor Dimensions: 27,5x25mm
Number of LiPo Cells: 3-4S
Weight: 45g
Wires Length: 550mm

Idle Current at 10V: 0.1A
Maximum Continuous Power 180S: 180W
Maximum Continuous Current 180S: 12A
Maximum Efficiency Current: 2-6A > 80%
Internal Resistance: 165mOhm

Prop Data:

 8X4,5 Prop

10X4,5 Prop

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