Please expect some delay in testing for July 2021.All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

Flip Pro MWC Flight contoller

Flip Pro MWC Flight contoller

Regular Price: $19.00

Sale Price $15.00

The Flip Pro MWC Flight contoller

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Regular Price: $19.00

Sale Price $15.00



When the pros demand all the feature of The Flip and kept sceaming for more.  We flipped it over and pop some junk in the trunk to fulfill your need more. Achieve crazy high P values with 32U4/HPWM, amazing with  rapid ESC's. The biggest difference is the pwm output [signal to esc] resolution. The 328 has just 8bit and the 32u4 has 11bit afaik.  256 steps (the normal 328) vs 1024 steps (the new pro 32u4). 11bit are 2048 steps = 4 times higher resolution. Loaded with 2.2 Quadx - minthrottle@1220. Plug and play for most escs

  • CPU speed 16 MHz
  • Invensense MPU6050 6 axis combined gyro and Acc
  • Flash size 32kB (3.3kB of Bootloader)
  • 6x high-res RX inputs (2 AUX channels)
  • PPM RX support
  • Spektrum Satellite support (use a Satellite together with GUI)
  • 6-8 motor outputs


ATmega32u4 -  Arduino Leonardo - You might have to load drivers. they are found in the arduino-1.0.3\drivers

Get all the firmware, stick commands, drivers, documents,

arunio1.0.3, Everything you need to fly in one place!

ReadyToflyQuads wiki -

Radio connection picture here.