All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping, Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

House uBlox 6M GPS Module V2 - NO mounting backplane

House uBlox 6M GPS Module V2 - NO mounting backplane

Blox Neo 6M Chipset 
38400 bps (Default) 
Permanent Configuration Retention

u-center software




There is some serious magic in this antenna! Hands down, one of the best out today for multicopter in this price range.  

V2 now makes it ones of the best GPS units for MWC out today. Super small footprint with no extra wires from the integrated antenna. No wires = no loss of signal and it will perform in the worst conditions.

These are pre-configured, flashed with the correct settings, and tested to make them Plug and Play. This is NOT noramlly done in any other store!

  • Blox Neo 6M Chipset (integrated antenna - no wire!)
  • 38400 bps (Default)  Changed to 115200bps!
  • 1Hz (Default) Changed to 5Hz!
  • Permanent Configuration Retention
  • Multiwii cable included - dupont ends

RED= 5V power; Black = Ground ; White= TX ; Green = RX

The GPS unit is per-configured for multiwii!! Unlike other shops send it out default settings, and let you figure it out. 

pre tested = PLUG AND PLUG for MWC!

 do not forget the case for protection. does not effect signal. 

u-center software  (not needed, but it is here) 


Be aware that this GPS has an excellent very sensitive antenna design, it is not the usual simple passive antenna and does NOT need improving with additional ground plane modifications. Unless you are really using the ground plane to shield the antenna from noise below it. :)

Antenna should be faced to sky in order to get the best signal receiving performance.