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RTF GPS Shield/Hood

RTF GPS Shield/Hood


This cover made out of PCB-material is attached directly to the uBlox 6M GPS Module V2.0 board. 
The side panels are easily connected using solder. 
This is also the ground plane for the GPS antenna. This increases the GPS reception. The signal to noise ratio for the rest of the electronics in system is increased. 

For uBlox 6M GPS Module V2.0 


Technical Data

  • PCB-Material: 1 layer, 0.5 mm thick
  • Soldermask on both sides Blue
  • Weight: about 10g

I use normal scotch tape.... see picture.  lay it flat, tape three side. pick it up ,shape it, tape the  last side


Mikrokopter GPS Shield - How to Assemble from Dm on o.