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HT-FPV Quad RTF with DJI Naza

HT-FPV Quad RTF with DJI Naza

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Occasionally we offer complete builds which are bind and fly (ie: all you need is a transmitter and battery charger). This quad is also known as the "witespy" quad, as it is built and supported by "witespy" on rcgroups.com

Now we combined the popularity of the HoverThings VC-450 with the excellent FPV flight characteristics of the DJI Naza for the ultimate easy to fly quad copter.  You will love the easy to fly autopilot mode of the Naza.  

Because it features both auto level and altitude hold, it is extremely easy to fly, especially when doing FPV.  The altitude hold works extremely well... it is possible to set the altitude to 1 or 2ft above the ground and fly around a field just a foot or two off the ground without ever touching the throttle!  We were so impressed with the Naza we became a distributor just so we could include a VC-450 build with it.

Gains can be controlled fully from the transmitter or the software, or both, and it is as simple as enableing the channel you would like to use for remote gain adjustment.

The Naza VC-450 includes the Naza external ultra bright LED module which flashes it's status as you are flying.  When autopilot mode is enabled, the LED flashes yellow.  When the battery gets low, it begins to flash red, and as the voltage drops the flashing red light flashes faster... and when the battery reaches a critical low voltage the Naza will go into an auto-land routine.  We have tested this and it works every time ... the quad lands gently without any input from the pilot.

All the quads come fully loaded, everything needed to fly except transmitter and battery charger.

Includes a battery and Receiver. All you need is a radio, and your ready to FLY. The the firmware can be upgraded, and is updated frequently to gain more features.


  • Auto Pilot (autolevel)

  • Altitude Hold

  • Camera Stabalization outputs for Camera Gimbal (Pitch and Tilt)

  • Low Voltage Alert (2 levels)

  • Autoland at low voltage

  • Manual (stunt) mode

  • Firmware upgradeable

  • DBUS and SBUS ports for receviers

  • Upgrade ports for future upgrades

  • Easy to use configuration software

Please allow 2-3 days processing. We test fly EVERY quad before we ship. This adds a day or two to the processing time but we want to be sure YOUR quad flies perfectly right out of the box.

Out of stock



Witespy Quad is Bind To Fly to any Radio. Read To Fly Quads

See Radio Options Below  for FULL RTF configurations....  add dx6i, dx7s, dx8 or dx9

All custom built, tuned and tested to order. Due to recent high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for quads to be built and shipped.

If you have any questions, please email me:  witespy@hotmail.com  or call (727) 386-9502

Unbeatable HT-FPV FRAME BLACK - wide stance for stability, low profile for high speed flight, no landing gear required (for very low ground skimming passes and minimal parts count), top mounted battery adjustable for CG, arms and props out of the camera view (even with a GoPro!), easy to assemble and disassemble, plenty of room for FPV gear and video transmitter, video transmitter antenna at the rear center, and simple and easy camera mount.

Incredible Tiger T-Motor. - Direct from Tiger a paid a little extra to arrange Tiger to add the actual kv markings is allows we to match your motors as close as possible, for the smoothest Quad possabile. Using the best Japanese materials and assembled and balanced in one of the top factories in China - The reason for paying the extra is in the EFFICIENCY - more thrust and less amps, combined with more powerful magnets and EZO bearings made in Japan.-

Advanced Custom RAPID ESC's -  The Best Speed controllers you can buy Redesigned from the ground up these are the  best ESC you can get for your multirotor. Flashed with the famous SimonK OpenSource Firmware for super-fast throttle response, which makes your quad more responsive and "locked in".  The ESCs do not overheat, burn or lock out - unline many other ESCs flashed with the SimonK firmware. The ESC motor leads are reduced, this allows for quick and clean installation inside your multi rotor. Compatible with 2S to 4S battery. New firmware means direct, linear throttle response, making it suitable for multicopter use. Up to 600Hz input rate is supported, with immediate updates to motor pwm duty.

Make Mine FPV Ready To Fly - Add on package-

FPV Package upgrade. This will make your quad FPV ready to Fly. FPV RTF. This is using all of the highest quality video equipment there is available to us. For super quality and reliability please do come at a little higher cost but outperform cheaper mass-produced China units. 

This will bring your machine to a whole new level. No other parts are needed to get you to be FPVing.

The Fat Shark Dominator 3rd Generation Goggles ( the best one out to date. FOV 30 Degrees diagonal! ) . ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz 600 watt Audio/Video Transmitter ( just the right amount of power for a  sold link with crazy range) . Just to top it off we include a set of 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Antenna's so you never have to worry.  Battery to power the goggles, and all the conntions and filters in place . 

Most importantly all this equipment is specifically set up and tested for maximum performance.