All flight controllers flashed and tested with newest firmwre before shipping. Aug,2020 Departing from Florida, U.S.A.  

HT-450 Quad RTF with MultiWii

HT-450 Quad RTF with MultiWii

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Out of stock



Witespy Quad is ready to bind and fly to any compatible radio.

A Ready to Fly Quad

See Radio Options below for FULL RTF configurations. radios and battery charger.

All custom built, tuned and tested to order. Due to recent high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for quads to be built and shipped.

If you have any questions, please email me:  or call (727) 386-9502

Quads have a one week build and test wait after ordered, please keep in mind they will not ship next day. 

What began as a idea to create the world's most stable Quad, became more than a reality, rather a thriving platform that has helped many learn how to fly. The notion to deliver a comfortable quad at an affordable price was the brainchild of the operation. The main system is proudly assembled and tested in the USA, and we try to source as many components from the USA as possible. These systems are assembled and tuned by a professional to insure the most stable flight possible.  Each propeller is dynamically balanced to run as smooth as possible with motors that carry actual kv markings - allowing us to match sets as close as possible.  Once a unit is fully assembled, they are test flown and the settings are dialed in with the perfect PID parameters.

  • HT-450 Quad (set up, ready to fly and tuned for smooth video)
  • Unbeatable MEGA EZ3.21 with GPS
  •  Professionally build and tested by WiteSpy                                                       (5+ years building and turning experience)
  • The Best ESCs you can fly, always loaded with the newest constant updating Simon K firmware.(mass-produced = old firmware)
  • Full HEX NFET design. external resonator                                                            (outperformed25/30A N and P Fet Versions)
  • Unmatch Motor quality with Upgraded EZO bearings. (factory request) 
  • CCW and CW Prop adaptors for a secure flight. (only found here)
  • Motors boxes marked w/ KV for perfect pairs. (factory request) 
  • Awsome 2800mAh, 11.1v Battery (also can use 4s Batterys)
  •  6 Channel Receiver (Just bind & Fly)
  • Most flexible flight controler w/ GPS Hold/RTF on the market today
  • Easy to customize/repairable/mod. Do not settle for less. 
  • Full set of Props with spares, Frame tool, Extra Screws and spacers
  • DVD with Videos, PDF's, other help documents included

Shipping and shipping insurance is included in the price, you will see free shipping option at checkout. 

This quad is Bind and Fly with any spectrum radio. You do not need to solder. It is not 'Do It Yourself' kit. It is complete QuadCopter ready to fly. Just connect the battery and fly. 

The quads are test flown and tuned before shipping. If you purchase it with a radio, the quad will be flown and tested with that radio. 

The quadcopter is built using vibration absorbing materials and perfectly balanced, which makes it ideally fit for taking aerial photos and videos.

All the quads are built with the proven Hoverthings 450 frame and your choice of Muiltwii Flight controller.

These boards are super stable and are a steps above the process of using the standard wii sensors, running at 400KHz I2C bus.  Temperature resistant MEMS gyro for a really smooth flight.

  • 450MM motor to motor frame for great stably
  • Bulletproof speed controllers 20 amp
  • ReadyToFlyQuads Custom motors for Hoverthings HT-450 frame
  • Adjustable landing gear, for sport, or AP style flying. 
  • Receiver Installed, ready to bind with radio 
  • 2200mAh 3s battery hi discharge lipo .
  • Hoverthings HT-450 Frame is manufactured all in the USA
  • We specified and use The ultimate NMB "Made in the USA"™ bearings in our awsome house motors. 
  • The MosFETs in our Speed controllers are made in the USA for ultra reliability
I have customized powerful hacker style 250w motors specifically for the witespy 450v multicopters,  20AWG silicon wires right from the core windings.  Multicopters control their flight by rapidly changing RPM every few milli-seconds - so these motors are light weight and uses a light weight prop and prop adapter.  These Motors are custom wound the copper packed in tight to give a kva of 1050ka.  This makes them work very well on 3S 12.4v using a 1045 slow fly prop ;  The  NMB™ bearings - USA for long lasting flight. 20 Amp advance ESC ( matched and timed to the motors) -  These are the Original  20 Amp ESC that we love so much - easy to program - run really well LiPo and can turn virtually any brushless motor made - very smooth throttle curve and good quality silicon wires and Capacitor. 
Easy to order parts, Built in lipo alarm, and auxiliary power hook-up. protective Cover dome, Orange/green propellers for help with orientation, sleek mesh covering, battery strap. support if you need any help.

All the quads come with everything needed to fly.  Includes a battery and spectrum receiver all wired up, and tested. All you need is a  spectrum radio, and you are ready to FLY.
The the firmware can be upgraded, and is updated frequently to gain more features.
videos :


Now installing with HD camera for stunning out of the box video  


witespy quad Features

  1. Strong central core - Hoverthings HT-450 G10 Frame. 
  2. New  high quality engines.
  3. New High quailty speed controlers. 
  4. Cheap and easy to replace parts. 
  5. Designed to use 1050kv motors
  6. Our custom made motors. 
  7. Long flight times due to low weight - 10-15mins (depending on density altitude/temp and flying style)
  8. MultiWii control board - Auto LEVEL - Auto HDG hold compass MAG - Full roll gimbal control - High altitude BARO control - Works with Futaba;JR;HiTec;Airtronics Sanwa;FrSky; Turnigy 9x; Robbe; Gruapner - infact works with any 6Ch RC radio/Rx with PPM.
  9. Stable in wind - Can be flown indoors or outdoors in high wind
  10. PC and Mac compatible tuning - Radio Tx and Quadrino tuning via USB - requires PC skills to load drivers and JAVA